Sunday, November 27, 2011

Veteran's Day

In honor of my dad, we wanted to go attend the Veteran's parade. It was a really cold morning so we layered up Grey and Bent and enjoyed the festivities. I found myself getting really emotional as it started. I couldn't help but think of my dad and how he would be attending an event to support Veterans. During the parade as Veteran's passed by I kept thinking... what is their story? One man in particular passed by that had to be in his late 80's or early 90's and it made me think about how young my dad was when he passed away. Thanks dad for your service to our country as well as both my grandparents and members of Shane's family; Matt and Ed for your service. Also thank you to all the men and woman who selflessly serve our country in our behalf.

 During the parade, Bentley reached over and grabbed Shane's hand. It was such a sweet moment to catch on camera.


I forgot to document about Hood to Coast which took place at the end of summer in August:
This is our team salute... what else is one to do in representation of a swordfish?  Regardless, it provided ample entertainment throughout the 200 mile relay. This was my first year running and I had such a fabulous time. Our team had two vans with 6 runners. We were super lucky to have a driver, Rachel who was a rock-star. Starting out with such an organized team really set the bar high if I am fortunate enough to repeat this event.

This is my action shot as I finished my last leg (my first leg was in the afternoon the day prior and my second leg was in the middle of the night). YAHOO!!! Running towards Mark with those fantastic shorts was a highlight for sure!!
After enduring no sleep, the worst traffic in the history of the race and running in 90 degree weather, 200 miles later...Here we are at the finish line!!!

I can't wait for round TWO!!!