Sunday, July 17, 2011


As long as I can remember (as an adult) I have wanted to run a marathon but it has always felt like an unattainable goal. I have ran several half marathons and always felt like it's the perfect distance to train for... challenging but not grueling. However in the back of my mind I've continually had this lingering aspiration to run a full marathon but doubted whether I would actually achieve this goal or not. So ultimately it was a bucket list item. After having the twins, I struggled a lot with being lonely as well as being uprooted in a new environment with newborn babies. I felt like I needed to make some goals and get involved in order to change my mental well being. So again I revisited this idea of a marathon but hadn't fully committed. While I was out for a walk one day with some friends, I mentioned this goal and my friend Sommer said she would think about it. Well a month or so later we decided to commit and go for it. I was really nervous again whether I would follow through because I was intimidated by the distance. But I researched a running plan and started training. Sommer and I started checking in with each other to see how our runs where going and then started to meet up for some of our long runs. Sommer was a great running partner. She has a much faster pace than I do but it was so nice to have someone to visit with during long runs and encourage one another. My friend Richelle also jumped on board and decided to run a marathon as well. So I also had Richelle to check in with for an accountability partner (via text because she lives in Idaho, although we did get some long runs in together during an Idaho visit). Anyway, we debated between the Newport marathon and the Foot Traffic marathon on Sauvie Island which is the one we ended up going with. After months of training... I accomplished my goal of running a marathon. 

 Shane met me with a quarter mile left and ran to the finish line with me...  it was really encouraging!!!

 My amazing running partner Sommer. She is an awesome runner. Not surprising, she killed me. I think we are both looking pretty pleased to be done!!!
 My super sweet groupies!!!
 Sarah and Lisa, two of my sisters ran the half-marathon. They both did great!! Way to go!!

Richelle is super amazing and ran the marathon as well. It was so much fun to cheer each other on!

Running this marathon was an amazing experience. It taught me so much about myself and my capabilities as a person. It was so empowering to take on a task that I questioned whether was achievable and conquer it. I am really proud of myself and my running partners. Also, I am so thankful for such an awesome husband who supported me for the last 6 months every Saturday morning so I could go on a long run and train. 

Oregon Coast

My sister Sarah came for 4th of July weekend. She hasn't experienced Tillamook, Oregon and so we decided to take a roady and change that. We first went to the beach, Oceanside and played in the water. After having a picnic lunch and enjoying the sun we drove to Tillamook cheese factory to partake of the yummy goodness that it offers... ICE-CREAM!!! Sarah, in all her amazing talent discovered a new flavor German Chocolate Cake and it is life changing. Too bad I have been unable to find it at the store. I am thinking that it is just offered there. Oh well, I guess I will have to go back soon. Sarah was such a trooper, she sat in the backseat and entertained the twins the entire way there and back. It was so nice and made for a stress-free trip. Probably not for her but I was definitely enjoying myself in the front seat not having to constantly turn around and entertain one of the twins. I am pretty sure Greyson and Bent were loving up their auntie. Sarah was endearing and kept reading this animal story over and over to Bentley B because she was so engrossed with the way Sarah would make animal noises. Thanks Sarah, you are the best AUNTIE!!!

Father's Day!!

I didn't post anything for Father's Day for Shane but I wanted to recognize what an incredible dad he is. Shane does such a great job juggling school, family and supporting me. Greyson and Bentley are taken with their papa. Every day he comes home they go running to the door and greet him with a big smile and a hug... they are a bit stingy with their kisses these days. I love watching Shane with the twins... he is so in love with these little people and has such a great relationship with them. I think he will probably always be the "go-to" parent but I don't mind taking a back seat to such an amazing person. Greyson and Bentley LOVE YOU so much!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


My sister came to visit from Alaska. She flew into Portland and stayed with my sister Lisa for a few days and then we went to Bend. While I was there, Shane would come to visit on the weekends which was really nice. My sister Emily and I went mountain biking, running, to the pool and on several walks together. We also spent a lot of time with my mom going shopping, out to eat and visiting. The first weekend I was there we did a fun mud run as a family and threw my sister a baby shower. Carley and her husband Darin traveled from Rexburg, Id along with Sarah for the baby shower. 
 Aunt Emily with the twins!!
 Cute picture of Bailey
 Greyson liked climbing the stairs and going down the slide by himself... good times
 Bentley was fascinated with the water running out on the slide.

Carley's Shower

We (the Hill sister clan) threw Carley a baby shower and it turned out great. Carley was able to get a lot of things that they were in need of, which I guess is everything since this is their first baby. It was so much fun to see her prego. Carley is gorgeous and one of the sweetest people I know. She has always had a natural way with kids which is going to serve her well. Carley always thinks of others and is so kind and loving. Baby Hudson must be pretty special to be born to such a mother. I can't wait to meet Hudson and see Carley as a Mama. 

 Sarah, Carley and Emily
 We gave Carley a family gift from all her siblings... a BOB jogging stroller!!!
We love you Carley and can't wait for you and Darin to start your little family... ENJOY!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tumalo Falls

We enjoyed the sunshine by going on a hike at Tumalo Falls. It was a hike that we have all done several times except for Darin (Carley's husband). Sarah is such a great auntie and hiked with one of the twins the entire time. We switch twins on the way back to give them some variation in their hiking carrier. 
So impressive Carley... I don't know very many 8 month pregnant girls that would voluntarily go hiking!!

I think Bentley just might love her aunt Sarah just a little bit!!

Greyson was so fascinated with this hiking stick.

Family Reunion

Every year Shane's immediately family gathers together for a weekend of fun. It is always great to catch up with everyone and enjoy yummy food and activities. This year Shane and I co-hosted with Corrine. We had a missionary theme which was fun. Everything went  smoothly, especially for coordinating with some many people. Thanks everyone for participating and helping. It was great to see everyone!!!

On Saturday night we went to the pool to play and take showers!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Idaho friend fun

We met up with the Tierney's and went to lunch and on a walk along the greenbelt. We also stayed one night at their house. Richelle and I were able to get in some long runs together and catch up. We are training for a marathon together.YEAH!!! (Actually we have already ran our marathon but I will post about that later). 

 PARENTS OF THE YEAR... holding our children. Seriously, they really were awarded parents of the year (I don't think that I will ever let the forget). Maybe some of their skills will rub off on Shane and I. 

While we were visiting, our friend Emily had a spaghetti feed one night with friends. It was fun to catch up with everyone and Greyson and Bentley had a blast. Emily is one of those people that never forgets a detail. She is on top of it all and has four children of her own to meet the daily demands of. I always knew she was amazing but my respect has quadrupled after having a glimpse of parenthood. Seriously, how do you do it all???? Thanks again Emily!!!

 We had to bathe the babe before leaving because they were covered.

On Friday night we went to the Bledsoe's for dinner and to visit. Rebecca and I go way back to high school as well as college roommates. Miss Rebecca Ann knows way too much about me. We have been through it all together. We miss you like crazy!!