Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ms. A's B-Day Party

Ms. A is my neice Amaris. Her birthday was on May 12th and she had a bunco party that I was able to help with at my sister's house the saturday prior to her birthday. Amaris and her friends enjoyed playing bunco and eating cake. Amaris was super excited about all of her birthday lute!! Amaris was inspired to have a bunco birthday party because she has attended her mom's dinner bunco party's on occasion and has always had so much fun.

The END result: (several) hyped up 6 year olds + unregulated intake of cookies and cake = successful birthday party!!!

Mother's Day

I had the best first "official" Mother's day. Shane did such a great job to make sure it was special and note that I was appreciated. For starters, he let me sleep in a bit before church while he made me french toast topped with raspberries. It was such a nice surprise to wake up to being that it is my fav. Some other highlights throughout the day were: Bentley taking her first three steps, a hand-made card coupled with a gift certificate to an Aveda salon by Shane, Greyson and Bentley, dinner, and a day free of laundry and mindless "picking-up" that is constantly needed with two babies walking/crawling around our apartment. I feel so loved and blessed to have such an awesome husband to make my day amazing as well as having the presence of these babes to gaze upon. I love my around the clock job most moments and always when I have one or both babes in my arms. I know that I am so fortunate to be a mom especially considering the work it took to conceive, carry and birth these sweet individuals. There isn't any accomplishment (along with marrying Shane.. of course) that I am more proud of in my life than bringing these guys into the world and being given the opportunity to be their mom.

Extended visit in Bend

Originally we came to Bend to visit for Easter weekend but we (the twins & I) decided to extend our trip for the week. Shane was able to get a ride back to Portland with my brothers and then back to Bend with a friend in his cohort, so it worked perfectly. While in Bend, the babes were spoiled up as usual by honey and tutkee. My mom is always so great about jumping in and helping wherever she can. I was able to go out on a girls night with two of my closest friends Abbey and Rebecca. Rebecca was visiting from Nampa, which worked out perfectly. Also, Shane and I got to go on a date which is always welcomed and needed. I love central oregon it is so beautiful. I had the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors by getting in some great trial runs and Shane was able to go mountain biking. One night I went to Delaney's (Abbey's daughter) t-ball  game, the pic below of her is a great depiction of Delaney's personality. I love that little girl. She is the greatest. It is so fun to have a relationship with a child version of Abbey. These two are so much alike.

 I am not sure what Bentley is doing but I thought that it was a cute pic of Greyson and Bentley sitting next to each other.


Greyson and Bentley enjoyed their first Easter at Honey and Tutkee's house in Bend. While we were at church the Easter bunny came to visit. After they sifted through their goodies, we went to the park for an Easter egg hunt with cousins. Bentley and Greyson each found an Easter egg to add to their basket of goodies. They were so much fun to help and watch. They are growing up so quickly!!!

Picture Overload:

Guess who is walking... Greyson

I indicated on Greyson's 10 month stats post that he started taking steps, so i thought that I would include a short video of him when he started walking. Currently he is 11.5 months old and has been happily cruising for a month and a half. Bentley is getting closer to walking. She is able to pop up into standing position and takes up to three steps. She took her first steps on Mother's day!!!