Sunday, September 11, 2011

New mode of Transport..

Greyson and Bentley have really been into climbing on to Daddy's back to catch a ride around the house. 

Waltman's visit

Our friends Brandon and Natalie came to visit. We were so excited to see them and spend time with their family. Brandon and Natalie are always so generous in opening up their home when we travel to Idaho. They had a nephew who got sealed at the Portland Temple and decided to make a trip of it. We were able to give them a small taste of Portland by riding the MAX downtown and going to the Saturday market, lunch and then we finished off the day by going to the Portland Zoo. Everyone was pretty tired by the end of the day. I was so impressed with Brandon and Natalie's kids they were on their feet all day. When we were at the zoo we gave their kids and ours a break by switching the twins out of the stroller and letting them run around while Riley and Sterling were able to take a ride and get off their feet for a bit. Greyson and Bent were adorable at the zoo. They LOVED running around and looking at the animals

Sterling and Riley having a short "break" in the stroller. 
We love the Waltmans. Thanks for making time for us!!!

Summer Adventures-Bend

Shane and I stayed in Bend for three weeks and took care of my parents house and other items of business as needed for my mom. Shane and I had so much fun with Greyson and Bentley. We were able to go hiking, running, swimming as well as go on walks and bike rides together as a family. Shane and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary by getting a babysitter for the day and we went mountain biking, running, went to lunch, then floated the river, and topped the day off by getting ice cream. It was perfect and the most 1:1 time we have had since having the babies. 
Shane is scouting out the river for our first kayaking experience with Greyson and Bentley which peacefully lasted for around 60 seconds before we were fighting them to stay inside the kayak and taking many breaks before returning to the shore. Maybe next summer or the next.. right!!!

We went downtown to Munchin Music and it started to hail. It was crazy and we temporarily took cover under a vendors tent until there was a break in the weather. 
When we got back to my parents house we let Greyson and Bentley go in the back yard. They were not fans!!
Bentley busted into the oatmeal and decided that she liked eating it raw.
We just let her indulge herself for a while... who could resist this cutie?

Shane worked on refinishing this bench for my mom. She had put it up for sale prior to my dad passing away and actually had a buyer. Shane saw it in the garage and asked if she really wanted to get rid of it or if she wanted to keep it now. My mom and dad had many sweet memories on their porch swing and so Shane knew that she might feel differently about purchasing a new one. My mom wanted to keep her porch swing so Shane tracked down the buyer who was so understanding.

Dad's Graveside Services

So I thought about this for a while and I decided that I wanted to document my dad's services. His services were a celebration of his life and something that I want to remember. He had a traditional funeral service at the church we attend which is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, followed by a short graveside service which included a 21 gun salute for the services he rendered for our country. My dad's services were really beautiful and an amazing tribute the person that he was. 

Paul Bearers: Ryan, Dan, Nicholas, & Seth (my brothers), Shane, Eric, Darin (son-in laws), and nephew Reese

This is me holding the flag given to my mom as part of my dad's burial services. The ring on my finger is my dad's mom's ring.

My sisters and mom.
My brothers excluding Danny, who was with my mom at the time of the picture.
My mom's side of the family including the Hill's, Hinckley's and Turner's.
My immediately family, including spouses.
All nine of us with my mom!!
Mom and son picture.
My youngest siblings are twins and of course they needed to have a pic with their niece and nephew twins.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dad you will be greatly missed...

For documentation purposes, I wanted to include the comments I read at my dad's funeral service:

Dad, I admire everything about you, the way you led your life, the way you communicated, the person you were, and the life accomplishments you achieved. You were a man who demonstrated your beliefs through your actions and always spoke with direction.  Your kind heart has affected all that are here to celebrate your life. I am honored to stand as your daughter to express my gratitude to have had a father such as you.  You have continually demonstrated gratitude throughout my life with the way you treated mom, by sharing your testimony and the way you treated others. During my dad’s first bone marrow transplant in Seattle, I was with mom and dad at a late night follow-up appointment at the hospital. A nurse helped him with his treatment and we were tiredly leaving the hospital. We took the elevator and were on our way out when my dad stopped and said, “I forgot to thank her.” I was thinking that is sweet and thought we would continue on but then my dad said, “I’ll be right back” and turned and went back up the elevator to go personally thank the nurse. Such a quiet act of gratitude and service spoke profoundly to me to never leave anything unspoken nor unexpressed and to show gratitude in all circumstances. Dad you have taught me the most important things in life: to love my savior, my family and my husband Shane. I feel like those were also the most important things to you: your testimony of Jesus Christ, our family and the love of your life, mom. You have demonstrated nothing but kindness my entire life. My dad never spoke unkind and was always aware of others needs, which he flawlessly placed before his own. You always followed up your advice by demonstrating through action. I know that you will always be with me. I love the way that you loved and cared for mom throughout your life until your last moments. I was with my mom (unknown to her or I) when he spoke his last words to her, expressing his love for her, stating that he loved her as tears streamed from his eyes. I feel like it was a gift to be with you both in that moment. In a note to my mom dad said: “ I love you. You constantly amaze me. You are my life and you are the reason I am what I am. If this life is a precursor of life to be then I am indeed a very fortunate man.” Mom, dad loves you more than anything and is one in you. Dad, I hold you in the highest regard and hope to share in your legacy of life by being true, showering all with love, sharing your infectious laugh, living in peace, persevering, gaining knowledge, increasing my faith and improving myself by continually showing gratitude. 


Timothy Harland Hill

Published: July 26. 2011 4:00AM PST
Timothy Harland Hill
Timothy Harland Hill
Dec. 3, 1945 - July 21, 2011
Timothy H. Hill will be remembered as a dedicated husband and family man, he was a true romantic who shared a beautiful love story with Judy to whom he was married for 46 years.
They were married in the LDS Oakland, California Temple. He was an educator and a leader in his church and community. Known by many names: sweetheart, daddy, Tutke (Welch for grandfather), bishop, professor, and Doctor; he was defined by so much more. He was a soldier and disabled Veteran who sacrificed so much for his country. His efforts earned him a purple heart, two bronze stars, and the air medal. He was a writer with a vivid and active imagination.
He had an entrepreneurial spirit he explored throughout his life. He was an avid fisherman who held a profound respect and love of nature, while maintaining his deep sense of spirituality and devotion to his religious beliefs.
Tim was selfless when it came to volunteering his time to others and never thought twice about lending a hand to someone in need.
Tim led an exemplary life and possessed a quiet strength for which he will always be remembered. He was always able to show his support of the people he loved and was never bashful about shedding a tear.
Dr. Tim Hill received his bachelors and masters degree from Brigham Young University. He continued his educational pursuits and in 1985, earned a PH.D in Philosophy (Education) from Washington State University. Dr. Hills impressive career and professional accolades focused on higher education.
He founded the Hotel Management program at Brigham Young University - Hawaii campus and the Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Management Program at COCC.
He was very instrumental and passionate with his work in helping create and sustain the culinary program at COCC which resulted in the new Cascade Culinary Institute. His writing skills helped in co-authoring the text book Foodservice Profitability, a control approach. He retired from COCC as the chairman of the Business Department in 2002.
He passed away from medical complications the morning of July 21, 2011, with his loving wife, Judy and children by his side at the time of his passing.
He is survived by his wife, Judy; his nine children, Lisa, Ryan, Emily, Danny, Chelsea, Nick, Carley, Seth, and Sarah. As well as his sister, Andrea Swayne and nine grandchildren who will all miss his loving presence greatly.
Services will be held in his honor on Tuesday, July 26, 2011, at 10:00 a.m, at the LDS stake center located at 2555 Shevlin Park Rd., Bend, OR 97701.
In lieu of flowers, please donations may be made to the Cascade Culinary Institute.
Niswonger-Reynolds is honored to serve the family.