Friday, June 15, 2012

2 turning 2

 YAY for 2- year-old twins!!!!

Bentley was not having that cupcake... PASS!! 
I think this about sums up things for Greyson... he loved everything and so did Bentley. They wanted to sleep with their new backpacks but I had to let them down easy... they already sleep with too much stuff in their cribs as it is (disclaimer, I know it is probably not best practice but it makes for some happy kids). Thanks friends and family for spoiling Bentley & Greyson as well as providing new sources of entertainment. This birthday was so much fun because Greyson and Bentley were so much more interactive and excited to open up presents. It was fun to watch. I think they were unsure as to why they were being showered with all this new stuff but every present they opened, they loved. Thanks again for spoiling these babes up!!!    

Mother's Day

If you can't read Shane's writing, the card reads:

Thank you for giving us these 10 little toes and 10 little fingers, our big blue eyes and our perfect smiles. Thanks for teaching us about life and how to play. Thank you for your patients (Dad does not have very much). Thank you for reading to us, teaching us about Jesus, and how to pray.
We know we can be challenging sometimes but we want you to know that you are the best mother ever. Thank you for not giving up on us.
We love you mama
Greyson & Bentley

Next to the MD's gift card it says: This is for Dr. Pepper when we are tough to handle :)

I loved this card it was so sweet!!! In the background are tracings of Greyson & Bentleys little hands and feet. Shane was so thoughtful. Shane was referencing"not giving up on us" to my persistence in our journey to conceive Greyson & Bentley.

 I went to my brother, Seth's graduation in Portland the Saturday prior to Mother's Day and I came home to this note and flowers and a treat from a local bakery that I love. On Sunday I was able to hang with the chillens while Shane made dinner. It was a really nice and relaxing day.

I love being Greyson and Bentley's mommy. They are the best, wild, crazy, spicy kids out there and I'm glad to call them mine. Thanks for making my life more fulfilling, challenging, and meaningful.