Friday, June 15, 2012

2 turning 2

 YAY for 2- year-old twins!!!!

Bentley was not having that cupcake... PASS!! 
I think this about sums up things for Greyson... he loved everything and so did Bentley. They wanted to sleep with their new backpacks but I had to let them down easy... they already sleep with too much stuff in their cribs as it is (disclaimer, I know it is probably not best practice but it makes for some happy kids). Thanks friends and family for spoiling Bentley & Greyson as well as providing new sources of entertainment. This birthday was so much fun because Greyson and Bentley were so much more interactive and excited to open up presents. It was fun to watch. I think they were unsure as to why they were being showered with all this new stuff but every present they opened, they loved. Thanks again for spoiling these babes up!!!    

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