Tuesday, May 29, 2012

YAY for employment

Shane took a job with St. Luke's in Boise, Idaho. He will actually be working in Nampa, Id when the new St. Luke's E.R. facility opens in July. He was hired through the nurse residency program We are so excited and feel extremely blessed for the way things have worked out!!! Thank you for all the support and prayers in our behalf. We are feeling extra loved these days.

Easter 2012

Easter happened to fall on my birthday this year so it was fun to share in all the festivities and meaning. We took Bentley and Greyson to Ray's grocery store for an easter egg hunt on Saturday. Initially I thought that it would be a lot of fun but when we got there I felt it was going to be too competitive and chaotic but it all worked out. Each age group was lined up in accordance with an aisle assigned so we went to the isle for 0-3 year olds and it was packed and we were behind everyone but as they allowed kids to proceed forward and look for eggs they were all to excited to look at the end of the isles and so it worked out great because Greyson and Bentley had so much fun just hanging back and having access to all the eggs left behind. So we were there for just a bit and then Greyson and Bentley had enough to share with the late comers which was fun.

 We told the to kiss so they could be posed for a picture... so stinking cute!!!
Here are their goodies from the Easter bunny 

 I love that Greyson has his Car's flannel pj top over his other pi's..  he might be a fan.


Birthday celebrations

Shane and I both had birthday's in April. They were more low key than usual considering we are unemployed and living at my mom's currently (wow that just sounds so sad). Greyson and Bent helped us open our presents and showered us with some extra loves. My mom's neighbor Elaine, who we have adopted into our family and love to death happens to be a fantastic cook. She made Shane decorative cookies on a stick all fancy like. We let the kid's share in the yummy goodness and they loved it. She also made me a scarf and it is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!

April 6th...

April 8th...

Greyson's first haircut

Greyson's hair was getting a little grubby right before we moved so I decided to bribe him with a sucker, stick him in his highchair and give him a haircut. It was a little more challenging than anticipated. I ended up having to let Greyson out and follow him around the apartment while simutaneously getting hair everywhere which I have a hair fetish and can barely tolerate cutting in the first place. I cut Shane's hair and I swear it will be the demise of our marriage. Anyway, pretty immediately I regretted cutting Greyson's hair... he looked too grown up and it made me sad. I can't believe that I've already given him a second hair cut since.

 Bentley was situated nearby for moral support... she is a far way from her first haircut.

I realized that I didn't take a picture immediately afterwards... maybe there is a reason for that.

old pics

I forgot to post some of these pics but they are from the beginning of the year. 
 This is us right before we went out on New Year's to celebrate. 
 A little bath time action!!

 These outfits were given to Bentley and Greyson from their aunt Christine and family. They look adorable. I can't believe how much hair Bentley has gotten since December/ January.
Irresistible... I think yes!!

Greyson and Bentley were so very busy while we were packing. Thankfully some of our awesome friends in Portland helped out so we could power through without helping hands.