Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Pics

We had a few pictures taken for Christmas. One of the pics of our family we bought the rights to and then we bought two prints. We scanned the two prints to archive so the resolution isn't the best but I thought that they would be fun to share.

6 months and counting

So the twins turned 6 months on November 28th and here shortly they are going to be 7 months. I think at least once a day i think "I can't believe I have twins" and to go along with that I can't believe I have 6.5 months old twins. They are growing so quickly and amaze me always. Both Greyson and Bentley are so active. They enjoy rolling around and grabbing and holding objects. They are doing a modified crawl but each in different ways. Greyson gets on all fours and rocks back and forth but then thrusts his legs forward under him, while moving his arms forward and Bentley has the army crawl down pretty good. I can't believe how well they can get around. I love to watch them interact with each other. They grab at each others faces and suck on each other. Bentley likes to take Greyson's pacifier out of his mouth and put it in her mouth even though she sucks her thumb. Greyson likes to pull off any head band that I put on Bentley. They always seem to find each other when they are playing on the floor. They have started eating solids. They have tried: oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, and bananas. I love watching their faces as I introduce a new taste to them. I often find myself laughing at their cute expressions. I am pretty sure they are saying ma and it melts my heart. I love it, even if they are just learning to make the sound. It makes me feel good. They can both sit with support and when sitting without support they topple to the side eventually or occasionally on their face. They are both getting really vocal. Greyson is drooling like crazy but has yet cut a tooth and Bentley has two teeth on the bottom. Greyson really enjoys playing with balls and kicking at anything. Bentley enjoys biting and looking at books. She also likes the sound of crumpling paper and will grab at any paper when she gets a chance. They both will pull out toys of their own choosing from the toy box when playing on the floor. They also love going to story time at the library and listening to anyone sing including myself, which is something because I definitely can't carry a tune. I love these little guys and look forward to each day that I get to spend with them.

Super Twins

My friend Abbey bought these onsies for Greyson and Bentley and they just look too adorable in them. Thanks auntie Abs for always being so kind and thinking of us!!! Silly pic...

Kayden's Birthday

Kayden's (my nephew) birthday was at the end of October and we were able to be at his birthday party. He received a lot of new books and puzzles... which he loved. I love you Kayden.


It is nearly Christmas and I am just getting to Halloween and Thanksgiving posts. This year's Thanksgiving was really nice. Again, Lisa hosted and we had a fabulous meal. The highlights of the day entailed running a turkey trot (4 mile run) with my sister. Then going on a short hike with my brothers, the babes, and Shane. Followed by reading through the paper to scout out "good deals" and then I topped myself off with a ridiculous amount of food. We were encircled by great company and enjoyed a nice quite evening minus an incident with the turkey. My brother helpfully took out the turkey from the oven and lost his positioning, which resulted in dropping the turkey on the ground. So on the ground lay the turkey, next to my brothers feet. Dan, my brother, quickly had to take off his socks as to not burn his feet but was not a hundred percent successful. Along with a few blisters, my sisters oven read error and needed to be serviced due to the grease hitting the front door. Regardless of the incident the remainder of the evening went smoothly and everyone recovered. More than anything it made it memorable. A side bar to the evenings happenings, I wanted to note a few of the things that I am grateful for this year. Of course I am thankful for the twins but mostly what I have discovered from the twins. I have an increased gratitude, love, and respect for Shane. I also am grateful for the opportunities the twins have given me to serve and recognize that life is so much more than myself. I am grateful for the light and meaning that the twins have brought to my life. I love them and feel honored to be their mother and hope that I can always treat them with the respect they deserve. I am grateful for the influence they had on the career change that we are embarking on at this time and the new found opportunities, growth and friendships that have come with that change/move. I am grateful for gratitude in general and the emotion that is felt when expressing or feeling gratitude for anything in life. I am grateful for the opportunity to live such a privileged life and I look forward to the new year and all the new trails and blessings that we will experience as a family and that I will experience individually.


My parents flew in on Halloween night and we all convened at Lisa's house for dinner followed by trick-or-treating. Lisa made her famous white chili which was scrumptious and then Shane and I took Amaris around the neighborhood to get her fill of candy. She was so much fun and the babies of course came with via their front packs i.e. papooses as we like to refer to them!!!