Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Trip to the zoo

The Portland zoo is in a really pretty setting. Shane hadn't been yet so we decided to make a day of it with my brother, Dan and niece Amaris... compliments of my brothers annual pass!!!

Baby Video

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Date Night

Shane and I went on our first date since pre-babies. My parents watched the babies while we were in Bend. We decided to go out to dinner and a movie. We shared a dish at El Rosa and then used some movie passes to watch the movie Salt. We ended the evening passionately by returning to my parents house excited to see the babes. Thanks mom and dad for a fabulous evening that was much needed and very appreciated!!!

Honey and Tutkee

Honey and Tutkee are the names that my parents go by with the grandkids. Honey was coined by my niece Bailey and Tutkee is what my grandfather went by and so my dad initiated the passing on of the name. Greyson and Bentley love spending time with Honey and Tutkee and as always they were spoiled up. Aside from being amazing parents, Honey and Tutkee are outstanding grandparents and we are so fortunate to be able to share the twins with them.


I think that our blog is pretty much up to date. I have had this blog since April and I haven't been utilizing it and I wanted to make sure and document the twins so I back dated posts and now my plan is to keep it current. Some of my posts are super long for my own documentation and recollection purposes...yeah for blogging, finally a form of journaling that just might work for me.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Three months

Greyson and Bentley were three months old on August 28th and the following are all of their current talents:

Both of them can roll from their tummy to their back (Greyson first rolled to his back at 7 weeks and Bentley just rolled over September 1st)

They can play on their tummies and hold their heads up and look side to side

They both coo, smile, and grasp and bat at objects as well as make bubbles

Self-soothe: Bentley sucks her fingers, especially her thumb and Greyson sucks on his fists (however he still enjoys the binki to calm him)

Greyson weighs: 13 lbs 11oz
Bentley weighs: 13 lbs 7oz

It has been so much fun to interact with both of them. It makes it so rewarding and fun to be a mom when they smile or cuddle into me.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Trip to Boise

Shane had a week off in between his summer and fall classes so we decided to take a road trip to Boise. Initially, we weren't sure that it was going to work out but then everything fell into place. I was in survival mode when we moved and unable to really share the babies with our friends and family so it was so fun to go back and share Greyson and Bentley with everyone in a more "normal" state. We got to Nampa in the early A.M on Friday August 27th and stayed through the following Wednesday September 1st. It was a rushed trip and unfortunately we weren't able to see everyone but we will be back in December and hope to stay longer. While we were in Idaho we went to the doctor's for a wellness appointment. The babies also got some of their shots, which was so sad to watch. Greyson weighs 13 lbs 11oz and Bentley weighs 13 lbs 7oz. They are getting so big. Shane's family had a dinner/get together on Sunday and it was so fun to be able to see all of his siblings and their families that live in the area. We stopped by my work to see old co-workers, went to a company picnic at Roaring springs, had lunch with friends, went to dinner with friends and family, had dinner at friends houses, went to breakfast at friends and had visitors stop by the house. We stayed in our house, which was interesting without furniture but we had a really good time. My friend Emily stopped by and left all the necessities on our counter which was so welcoming when we got in in the middle of the night. She even thought of condiments to put in the fridge. Thank you so much Emily... you are always so detail oriented and one of the most fabulous people that I have met. We miss everyone so much and had such a great time visiting with everyone. We love you and can't wait to see you soon!!

A few pics while in Boise....

Neices and Nephews with Greyson and Bentley

Shane and I with his parents

Me and Andrea

Shane's sister Tammy and her husband Tom with the babes

Lena, TeRonda and I