Saturday, March 17, 2012


At the end of January we moved from Portland to Bend. Shane studied really hard during the month of February and passed his boards so we are now currently looking for a job. The market seems a bit saturated right now but I'm sure something will work out soon. In the mean time it has been nice to spend time together as a family. Here are a bunch of random pictures since we have been in Bend.

Bentley is sporting her first pigtails... because her hair is so long and getting into her face (i wish)! She was so proud of her new do.
 Greyson and Bentley are giving themselves a bath with wipes.... way to make great use of our $$$.
 So proud of herself!!!
 Greyson knows he is oh so impressive... look at his little tongue hanging out.
Greyson and Bentley have been able to take advantage of this crazy Central Oregon weather.... snow & then two day's later temperatures in the high 50's/ low 60's... so GREAT!!
 Tandem basket ride
Greyson & Bentley love my dad's scooter although the only thing they have been able to do is sit on it.
Was your breakfast as good as Greyson & Bentley's????

We took Bentley & Greyson swimming one afternoon and this is Bentley's new swimsuit cover that she is slightly obsessed with.
 Greyson has discovered CARS (the movie) and I don't think that his life will ever be the same.
Bentley was insistent on wearing this little number. I'm a little worried that she has this strong of an opinion already about what she wears. I don't mind that she picks out her clothes but man the attitude that sometimes comes with it (not so lovely). Greyson has shown a real liking for his burnt orange jacket which we can sometimes pry off him.

Greyson and Bentley love using their play strollers to push each other around. I am sure they are going to break any day.


I met two of my sisters, Lisa and Emily as well as my mom in Las Vegas for a long weekend getaway while Shane managed the home-front (poor guy). It was so amazing to have time to myself. I love being Greyson and Bentley's mom but it was really nice just to worry about getting myself out the door, feed, and showered. I can't believe how much quicker things move along when I just have to take care of myself. Another highlight was sleeping in and leisurely going to workout and have breakfast when I wanted.  While we were in Vegas we walked around a lot and spent an absurd amount of time in Sephora just messing around and trying out various combinations of goodies. We saw Mike Tyson from afar but we weren't willing to buy paraphernalia to get a picture with him. We also saw Pete Rose... those are sadly my only claims to fame. The highlight of my trip was going to the Phantom of the Opera and getting a pedicure. It was so nice to spend time with my sisters and mom... we missed the rest of the crew that weren't able to make it.

Idaho Trip

 After Christmas we traveled to Idaho to visit family and friends. We spent a few nights in Cascade and then stayed with our friends Brandon and Natalie. As usual the Waltman's didn't disappoint. We had a great time visiting and celebrated in the news of their new baby addition. Congrats again!! I didn't take a lot of pictures while we were there but while we were in Cascade we took the kids out on the lake which was frozen over and they had a blast. Bentley insisted on carrying her elephant backpack.

When we were staying at the Waltman's we were able to visit friends and more family. Our niece Kammi had a basketball game that was a lot of fun to go watch. She is going to be an all-star. After her game the Christiansen's (Shane's sister Sondra and family) volunteered to watch the twins while Shane and I went out on a date. We had such a nice time and Greyson and Bentley got spoiled up. We also had a family dinner at the Grover's (Shane's sister Tammy and family) which included all of Shane's siblings that live in the Treasure Valley. It is always so great to see everyone. We wish we lived closer.

We met my friend Lena at an indoor playground and Bentley and Greyson found their entertainment in these clown wigs. They were cracking Shane and I up... I mean look at Bentley. It was so hilarious to watch them run around with these wigs on.  We miss everyone and hope to be back soon.

Tree lighting ceremony

We decided to join in the festivities and take the twins to the tree lighting ceremony which was in down town Portland at the Pioneer Courthouse Square. It was super packed which made for an interesting evening pushing the babies in a double stroller but we made our way through the crowd thanks to my brother saving us a spot. We were welcomed with a lot of friendly smiles while we were trying to tuck in the stroller (HA!).

Friday, March 16, 2012

Christmas 2011

We spent Christmas this year with the Hill side of the family. My mom rented a vacation home in Sisters, Oregon. It accommodated our family perfectly. Greyson and Bentley slept in a closet in their pack-n-plays. They barely fit. I wish I would've taken a picture. It was difficult for them to nap because they were right next to each other but it worked out fine in the evening because they were so tired. I stayed a few extra day after everyone left to spend time with my sister and her family as well as my mom. On Christmas morning we made the mistake of letting Greyson open a small train gift that was in his stocking first because that stole his attention immediately. He was completely enthralled with the train and could care less about opening any more presents. So Bentley made up for them both and covered double present duty. We let her open up Greyson's presents because he was so disinterested. The rental was near a trail system so we went running and on walks together and of course counter acted any productivity by eating a lot of yummy food. We also had a gingerbread house making contest which was a lot of fun too.

 Bentley and Greyson with Honey!!!
 In Hill tradition we wore our new PJ bottoms to Christmas Eve dinner.
My mom is getting a few gingerbread building pointers from my brother Dan.
 Here is a family picture right before going to church.

 I love how Kayden is covering his ears in the background while Greyson and Bentley enjoy being the proud owners of a music set.

 Bentley just got her first baby doll compliments of Honey.
 We are such a talented group... I think Sarah and Emmy win in the gingerbread house making talent arena.

My favorite Christmas memory this year was visiting my dad. Fortunately Sisters, Or is near Bend so we all traveled to visit my dad's graveside and while we were there we shared fun memories of my dad. Everyone had the opportunity to share something and include my dad in our Christmas festivities. Wow dad you were missed this year... I love and miss you!!!

Shane's Graduation

YAY... Shane graduated in December from Nursing School at Linfield College. He completed a fast track degree that started in June 2010 when the twins were 4 weeks old and finished when they were 19 months old. Greyson and Bentley made signs for their daddy and waved them proudly but I sadly forgot to take pictures. Shane is awesome and worked hard throughout this program as a Dean's list student. Shane is cheap and didn't want to pay for the honor chords for his graduation so he went without, although I have to admit I love that about him. WAY TO GO SHANE!!! Shane will be going back for another round of schooling but first he needs to get a few years of clinical experience under his belt. Now for a job!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Santa visit

Greyson and Bentley had one encounter with Santa this year and it was at our ward church party. This is a horrible picture but I wanted to document. It was past their bedtime and they were not interested at all. Just another forced picture/ experience for mom and dad at their/our expense... one of these days we will learn... MAYBE but probably not!

Thanksgiving Race

Shane and I ran in a turkey trot on the Thanksgiving morning with Bentley and Greyson in tow. I think we were one of maybe three families with a jogging stroller that were running. A group of friends from church ran as well as my sister Lisa. My friend Sommer won the women's division... she is amazing. Thankfully it didn't start raining until shortly after we finished.


Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving was really nice this year. My sister Lisa hosted and those family members that could make it this year came. Our crowd included five of the nine Hill siblings: Lisa, Dan, Myself, Nick and Seth. Seth brought his girlfriend Nycole. 

 In memory of my dad, with it being the first holiday since he passed away Lisa lit a candle and left it by the table in honor of his presence which was so badly missed this year. My dad L-O-V-E-D Thanksgiving. He always made various pies to meet each of our palates interests. It was really nice to be in the presence of family to be reminded of the many years of wonderful memories we had with my dad and together as a family. Seth did a fabulous job carrying the torch and made a few pies this year. He also made arrangements for our turkey this year which was free range and named giblets. I'm thinking that Seth might be missing Portland a little too much.