Saturday, March 17, 2012


At the end of January we moved from Portland to Bend. Shane studied really hard during the month of February and passed his boards so we are now currently looking for a job. The market seems a bit saturated right now but I'm sure something will work out soon. In the mean time it has been nice to spend time together as a family. Here are a bunch of random pictures since we have been in Bend.

Bentley is sporting her first pigtails... because her hair is so long and getting into her face (i wish)! She was so proud of her new do.
 Greyson and Bentley are giving themselves a bath with wipes.... way to make great use of our $$$.
 So proud of herself!!!
 Greyson knows he is oh so impressive... look at his little tongue hanging out.
Greyson and Bentley have been able to take advantage of this crazy Central Oregon weather.... snow & then two day's later temperatures in the high 50's/ low 60's... so GREAT!!
 Tandem basket ride
Greyson & Bentley love my dad's scooter although the only thing they have been able to do is sit on it.
Was your breakfast as good as Greyson & Bentley's????

We took Bentley & Greyson swimming one afternoon and this is Bentley's new swimsuit cover that she is slightly obsessed with.
 Greyson has discovered CARS (the movie) and I don't think that his life will ever be the same.
Bentley was insistent on wearing this little number. I'm a little worried that she has this strong of an opinion already about what she wears. I don't mind that she picks out her clothes but man the attitude that sometimes comes with it (not so lovely). Greyson has shown a real liking for his burnt orange jacket which we can sometimes pry off him.

Greyson and Bentley love using their play strollers to push each other around. I am sure they are going to break any day.


  1. I think I just spent an hour catching up on your blog...seriously. I was laughing and crying throughout. Laughing because I love seeing your adorable twins and seeing how much energy they have. Crying because I never knew about your dad. I'm so sorry! He really was an amazing person and so happy/pleasant to be around. Gary's dad passed away in August...about 3 weeks after your dad. It is such a hard, hard thing in life. My heart goes out to you and your family. Love you Chels-Dogg! I love reading about your mommy seriously rock! BTW you are so skinny and fit...good for you! And Congrats to Shane for passing the boards! I remember those days of studying...

  2. your kids are getting so big!!! they are stinking cute!! i loved catching up on your blog. :)

  3. Chelsea,
    So glad that you found our blog!!! It was fun catching up on your life and seeing your little family. Hope all is well. Tell the whole family hi and have a great Spring (:
    Heather (Fuller) Ogden