Monday, April 18, 2011

Leif Erickson

My friend Sommer let me in on this trail, Leif Erickson which is in Forest Park. One weekend afternoon, Shane and I took the babes there to go on a walk. It is a great trail that is conducive to jogging strollers.

 Greyson and Bentley needed to get hydrated before the big walk.

Happy Birthday Shane

It was Shane's Birthday a few weeks ago and we celebrated at home and then went on a date later in the week. Our birthdays are a few days apart, so we were able to celebrate together as a couple on a "dinner date night". Greyson, Bentley and I got Shane a watch for his birthday although he traded it in for a different one it is the thought that counts... right??? Anyway, angel food cake is Shane's favorite so I make him one every year. Lucky for both Shane and I this year, Sondra, Shane's sister sent us a care package with homemade rolls, jam, and an angel food cake. Sadly Shane opened the package right after I put the cake in the oven. Although I don't think Shane felt too put out having to consume two angel food cakes. Thanks again Sondra for being so thoughtful and  making our day as well as satisfying our tummies.

I don't think Greyson and Bentley were too sure about the candles.

I think it would be fair to say that Shane has had an eventful year: applied for fast track nursing program, had twins (well helped deliver twins and father twins, I am going to claim carrying them for 9 months and birthing them part), was accepted to school 10 days after Greyson and Bentley were born, started school (flew home a week later) moved our family to Portland, and now is over half way through program (rocking all A's and one B+ so far) and all the while makes time for his family. YOU ARE AMAZING SHANE!!! Greyson, Bentley and I love you to the core and look forward to seeing you always.

Mitchell Park

Mitchell Park is close to our apartment, a little less than a mile away. I often take walks there to entertain Greyson and Bentley. However, Shane was able to join us on this outing which made it much more exciting.The twins have gone tandem in the swing for along time but more recently we have been trying out the swings solo. Either way, they both really enjoy the swings but Greyson usually tuckers out first.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ten Months

Greyson and Bentley are 10 months old!!! I feel like they are growing too fast and I want them to slow down. They are so much fun and both have such fun personalities.

To add to their list of tricks:
  • they clap their hands
  • pull themselves into standing position
  • Bentley occasionally stands for a few seconds on her own 
  • they say mama and dada
  • Greyson started taking steps on his own and is up to 22 steps (he takes steps from a standing position and is working on independently getting to a standing position from the floor, he can stand independently)
  • Bentley is cutting her 8th tooth
  • Greyson has 2 teeth
  • Both have adorable smiles
  • they both love baths and quickly crawl to the bath when they hear water running
  • they are interacting so much with each other and with others
  • Greyson is giving kisses
  • Bentley loves to kick when she gets excited 
  • Greyson is able to make an echoing noise putting his hand to his mouth and he crosses his fingers on his right hand 
  • Bentley is the mimic queen with body gestures
  • they are both great at letting us know when they are hungry or tired (with the common language that all children speak)
  • eating a lot of different foods... and continuing to try new ones 
  • fine motor skills: picking up items and banging items together
  • they are both working on growing out their hair
Shane and I are having a blast with these little people. We love them so much and feel so grateful to be their parents!!!

Oh at their 9 month appointment which was days before they hit 10 months there measurements were:

Greyson: 20 lbs 3 oz and 30 1/4 inches long
Bentley: 19 lbs 9 oz and 31 inches long

However, when the nurse left the room we re-measured the babes because she measured way above their heads. Our measurements indicated that Greyson was 29 inches and Bentley was 29 1/4 inches but either was they are fairly tall and in the 90%. They both lost weight from being sick.


We went to Newport for a few nights during Shane's spring break. We stayed at The Landing which is in the historical bay-front area. It was an internet special so I was a little skeptical but it ended up being a great set-up. Our condominium had a separate bedroom which worked out great for Greyson and Bentley. It also had a full kitchen and a washer and dryer. We had a great view of Yaquina bridge from our room. While we were there we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, walked around various shops, and went to the beach. Greyson and Bentley had their first experience flying a kite.

 I was goofing around  and making a funny face while apparently Bentley matched my expression. So hilarious!!!

This is the view from our back porch. Bentley was doing a one arm push up... haha!!!

Exploring has its price....

Poor Greyson!! He is so active and likes to get into everything and explore. So the top picture is pretty self explanatory but in the bottom picture Greyson pulled the alarm clock from the book shelf in his room and then tangled himself up in the wires. I was near him in both scenarios but I am thinking that he might benefit from his mother being a bit more attentive. 

More pics...

Mr. Greyson was traipsing (okay just crawling/ standing) around the apartment in his towel while I dressed his sister after bath. I have an adorable pic of him standing next to his play gym but his boy parts are showing so I couldn't post but at least I have it documented.

The entire crew was tuckered out... I think that Greyson and Bentley were putting Shane to bed!!!  Shane got down on the floor to play with the babies and they were so tired so Shane laid his head down and Greyson laid next to him and then Ms. Bentley crawled over and laid her head down as well. 

I love Bentley's face. I mentioned to my friend Abbey that small pieces of bananas were difficult for the babies to pick up and that I read you can roll pieces of banana in mashed cheerios to help with gripping but she suggested giving half of a banana for them to grip. Sure enough they both loved it although in this picture it looks as though Bentley is disgusted!

and a few more....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sick Babies...

Having twins is so much fun except when they get sick. Bentley started getting sick on St. Patrick's day and was followed by her brother Greyson. They were sick for a total of ten days between the two of them and it was miserable. Let's just say the combination of throw-up, messy diapers, changing clothes, and doing laundry in sync for ten days can get a little daunting to say the least. They went to the doctors three times because of how much fluid there were loosing. Greyson almost had to go to the hospital but fortunately we were able to get him hydrated. But now we are completely on the mend and doing great!!! Thank goodness for healthy and happy babies.

Here are a few pictures some of which are disgusting but of course had to be documented. (Seriously they are gross)

At bedtime or nap-time Bentley and Greyson go to bed with their boppy and a bottle.  When they finish we take them out and tuck them in. On the night Bentley got sick, Shane was is their room and saw that Bentley had finished her bottle and flipped over in a kneeling position. He thought that it was adorable and came to tell me before grabbing anything out of the crib. I came into the room with our camera to take a picture and quickly pushed play to look at it with the flash because it was so dark in the room. After glancing at it for a moment I realized to the side of Bentley was a bunch of throw up and that she hadn't finished her bottle. So what ended up being a "cute" picture was really a nice intro to what was in store. POOR GIRL!

I left the house for a few hours and came home to Shane documenting what I missed out on. NICE!!

Priceless... one of the hidden treasures of being a parent. Also, a side note to this picture is that Shane had his mouth open when Greyson threw up and some of it got into his mouth... so so so GROSS!!

Dad to the rescue!!!

Greyson and Bentley love bath time!!

As soon as either Bentley or Greyson hear the bath water run they B-line it to the bathroom and watch the tub fill-up with water while they simultaneously clap or hit their hands on the side of the tub, laugh and bounce up and down in excitement. As soon as we put them in the tub, they are ecstatic. They love all their bath toys as well as sucking on their bath rag (gross). They are both great about having water poured over their heads. However, I am curious to see if this excitement transfers to the swimming pool... I sure hope so.

Side-note... Greyson has flopped out of the tub twice now. Both times Shane or I have been there to pad the fall. Crazy little guy!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Miss Bentley was starting to feel sick and wasn't in the mood to get her picture taken but still so adorable even with her thumb!!!

Double the Fun!!

My friend Lena came to visit and she also has twins, Christopher and Isabelle. Lena's dad lives in Hood River so we went there one day to visit and then Lena came to our apartment a different day. It was fun to see our twins interact. They are 10 months apart and there is only a few pound difference (our babies being large and hers being more petite haha). I love Christopher and Isabelle and I am so sad that we aren't able to see each other on a regular basis anymore. Lena and I worked together for years and had similar journeys in getting our twins. Lena is one of the most amazing people that I have been blessed to know. She has so many characteristics that I admire, one of which is her kindness. I love you Lena and I am so glad that we got to spend time together.

So these aren't the greatest pictures but one day I will track down some cuter ones from Lena. Every time Lena and I are together we always comment on how we need to get a picture of all the babies together but then we forget. This time we remember but only Lena's camera was in working order.

Various Pics...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Christmas vacation travels to IDAHO

First we traveled and stayed a few nights in Nampa where we stayed with close friends, Brandon & Natalie Waltman along with their adorable kids Riley, Sterling, and Bridger. They are awesome and opened up two rooms for us. The babies had their own room which was amazing. During our stay Bentley got croup and had to go to the doctors. It was nice knowing that she would be able to go to our previous pediatric office. After cramming in a lot of family and friend fun in the valley we drove up to Cascade to stay the remainder of the week with Shane's parents. We had a great time. Shane's sister Corrine was there with her family. While visiting Shane's parents, Sondra's family came to visit as well. It was so nice to spend time with Shane's family and to share the twins. It was really cold while we were there so we mainly stayed indoors and ventured to McCall one afternoon. The morning we left Cascade it was -32 degrees.

Shane's mom is one of the sweetest women that I know. She is always thinking of others and opens her home to everyone. She also has this amazing ability to cook for millions and act like it was just another meal. Whereas for me I would feel completely overwhelmed and inadequate, not to mention incapable. I feel like I am always off when trying to cook for a large group of people. I either grossly underestimate or cook way more than necessary. Shane's mom has a given talent of knowing how to always make the PERFECT amount. While we were visiting, Shane's mom made the most amazing bread, which is always a highlight. 
I thought this was such a cute picture of Alicia, Kammi with Greyson. Alicia and Kammi are Sondra's girls. Shane lived with Sondra while in college so I feel a special bond to Sondra's kids as we were able to spend a lot of time in their home while we were dating. I can't believe Alicia is 16 (or nearly there) and old enough to date.
 Shane and I pulling nieces and nephews in their sled behind the tractor.
 Sondra with the twins!!
 Bentley B eating away at the wrapping paper on one of her gifts which I think is her favorite part.

 Shane's mom made the most adorable bells for Greyson and Bentley for part of their Christmas and they love them.
 Ross and Amber had us for Christmas this year and Amber busted out these blankets which the twins love. Amber just recently picked up sewing and is already a natural. Lucky for us we got to be the recipients of her newly developed skill.
 Bentley was so fascinated with the Christmas lights. She constantly wanted to pull on the lights underneath the tree.

 Shane's sister Corrine and her husband Matt and two kids Hailey and Levi.
 Grandma & Grandpa Stevens... spoiling up Greyson and Bentley. They love their grandparents!! Thanks for such a wonderful visit!!!
 This is a picture off the back porch at Shane's parents. Shane's dad goes out to the barn and feeds the animals, milks the cow, and plows out the neighbors daily... he is SUPERMAN!!